After Sales Service

Every driver and transport business knows how important it is to be able to rely on a service support network that takes care of their investment with speed and professionalism.

IVECO has 46 locations around Australia each offering trained, professional technicians, providing total support and assistance in every situation. By placing your trust in authorised IVECO Service locations, you also have the guarantee of genuine 100 percent IVECO replacement parts, ensuring the performance and integrity of your vehicle is maintained at all times.

The most advanced diagnostic equipment ensures that service repair systems involve the latest in technology. To identify any problems quickly and reliably, and to enable the workshop to solve problems efficiently, IVECO has created a diagnostic platform which reflects the evolution in the product. It is called E.A.SY. (Electronic Advanced System), a system that allows simple diagnosis of the various electronic control units on the vehicle, using a communications module (ECI) and a specific personal computer.

The software for the E.A.SY. platform provides a single, intuitive interface, through which it is possible to consult a guide to repairs indexed by symptom. The ECI module guarantees communications with all current and future IVECO control units.

Each stage of the service programme is undertaken with the objectives of reducing costs to a minimum, obtaining the best performance and maximising vehicle uptime.

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