INTERNATIONAL ProStars Hit The Track With Tickford Racing

A pair of new INTERNATIONAL® ProStar® prime movers have joined leading Supercars race team, Tickford Racing, charged with the vital role of transporting the race cars piloted by popular drivers Mark Winterbottom, Cam Waters, Chaz Mostert and Richie Stanaway.

The partnership will see the ProStars – one sleeper cab, the second an extended cab – hauling the team’s B-Double transporters holding precious cargo including race cars, spare parts and the vital garage tools to keep the cars on track at race meets around the country.

Both of the trucks feature powerful Cummins X15 engines producing 550 horsepower (410 kW) / 1,850 lb.ft variant (2,508 Nm) and are coupled to Eaton’s sophisticated UltraShift Plus’ 18-speed automated manual transmission.

One of the vehicles also features the ‘ADEPT’ package – this system is an option with the ‘UltraShift Plus’ and utilises load, speed and grade sensing software, making minor adjustments to speed, power and transmission gear selection to take advantage of vehicle momentum for better fuel economy.

The ADEPT package also includes ‘SmartTorque2’ and ‘SmartCoast’ technology.

SmartTorque2 is the next generation of torque management technology from Cummins. The system senses both the selected gear and overall engine load as a result of the gross vehicle weight, aerodynamic drag and road grade. 

To flex their visual muscles when on the road and in the race paddock, both trucks are dressed with additional chrome, checker plate and polished alloy trimmings along with additional auxiliary lighting.

On the inside the trucks benefit from the ProStar’s high levels of standard finishes including ergonomically designed 10-gauge instrument cluster with chrome bezels, a curbed dashboard, leather driver and passenger air suspension seat and 6.1” touch screen multimedia system with satellite navigation.

Visibility in the ProStar® is excellent thanks to the cabin’s sloping hood, swept-back design, wrap around windshield and set-back A pillars, allowing for easier memorability while the design also provides best-in-class aerodynamic performance.  

When stopped, a generous standing roof height of 1922mm (sleeper cab variant) allows for comfortable movement between the driver and passenger side of the cabin and into the sleeper area. 

Tickford Racing co-owner, Rod Nash, said the team was excited to partner with INTERNATIONAL®.

“There is a freshness about INTERNATIONAL® that’s very appealing, and they have been very keen to work with us. We are very much looking forward to having their ProStar® vehicles leading us from race to race this season and beyond,” Mr Nash said.

“What IVECO is doing with INTERNATIONAL is similar to what we have been doing with Tickford and now Tickford Racing, in bringing a beloved brand back into the Australian market.

“That common mentality should make it a very positive partnership for both parties.” 

IVECO Australia Marketing Manager, Darren Swenson, said he was also thrilled about the new partnership.

“There are some very strong synergies between the Tickford Racing and INTERNATIONAL® brands,” he said

“INTERNATIONAL® was relaunched into the Australian market in 2017 after a hiatus of several years. Similarly Tickford was once a household name in motorsports – both were much loved brands and are now back and ready to perform.

“Our partnership with Tickford Racing will go a long way to rekindling Australia’s interest and passion in INTERNATIONAL® trucks and in particular the new ProStar® range. And as they’ll be transporting cars driven by Frosty, Cam, Chaz and Richie, I’m sure we’ll also be attracting a younger generation of followers.”

Both INTERNATIONAL® ProStars will be seen at the ‘Adelaide 500’ from March 1, the first round of this year’s Supercars Championship.

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